Golf Packages

We would be pleased to invite golfers to discover the Design Budget Hotel salinenparc, located in a central yet quiet area of Bad Westernkotten.

Three nearby golf courses in Lippstadt, Paderborn and Möhnesee give you a broad selection that promises an engaging and challenging game for beginners and seasoned ppros alike.

Thanks to our convenient location, there are many additional leisure opportunities for you to enjoy. For example, the Sauerland with ist breathtaking scenery is only a few minutes away. Bigger cities like Dortmund, Münster, Bielefeld and Paderborn are also less than 70 km away.

Lippstadt Golf Club
This 27-hole course features an attractive, 110-hectare terrain which includes 30 hectares of ecological sanctuary with diverse flora and fauna. It also has a professional driving range and a spacious training area where you can practice to your heart’s Content.

Paderborner Land Golf Club
Founded in 1983, this 120-hectare golf course now has 3 x 9-holes and offers an engaging and challenging game for beginners and
seasoned pros alike.

Möhnesee Golf Club
This 18-hole golf course has shady old trees, picturesque ponds and far-reaching views onto the landscape of the Arnsberg forest. Ist beautiful setting offers the perfect escape from the stress of everyday life.